Staff Management System

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Time Tracking

Why to choose Staff Management System

Our competetive price, ease of use, mobile friendly and fantastic support are the few of the reasons.

Why to choose us

Our pricing system is very affordable, structured with SMEs in mind

Very flexible pricing plans (monthly, yearly or onetime), contact us for more info.

You can create unlimited Staff, Leave and other Master data. There is no limit

The system is designed with different level of users in mind. Your staff can start right away with no or minimal training

We provide a online manual to kick start your learning of the system.

When you call us, you do not have to press numbers and wait for 10 to 15 mins, but you can talk to our Tech support person right away

We will guide you through the issue over the phone and even remotely will fix your issues

Our system is internet based, if you have your login info, you can login from anywhere

If you forgot your credentials, no worries, in a click, you can retrieve your password

We provide a mobile for you to access the system.

You can enter your time on the train, or on the bus, apply leave, approve/reject leave.

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